• Hello!

    Hi, I'm Clarisse LIBENE, Serial Entrepreneur, Influencer who is here to help you become the woman you want to be.

  • I was born and raised in Paris, France. My parents, who left their natal Senegal and Congo to study in France fell in love, had me, and never got back to their motherland Africa.

    I studied business in a French Business School and started my career in 2004. I did my whole carreer on the internet. At that time, DSL was not even in every households. I worked for 7 years in companies like Orange and Yahoo! where I have learned the power of the Internet as a media and as a way to bring communities together and generate sales.


    I got married and had my first child at 25 and knew at that time that my career the advertising industry would never enable me to create the relationship I wanted with my son, see him grow and have time to teach him the values that were important to me.


    When my son was born, I quit Yahoo! and got hired by a young start up called Mediastay where I become Sales Manager. Had a team to drive, targets to reach, clients to serve. I was working very hard but the challenge was worth it! I learned so much on management, marketing, project management, sales and discovered the incredible possibilities offered by a tool my agency was mastering Emailing. After 3 years in Mediastay, I quit the world of monthly pay checks to launch my own online business.


    At that time, back in 2010, I was already blogging for 2 years on my blog called Bellebene (beautiful Ebony), where I shared my natural hair journey, tricks and tips that I learned through my research. I decided to add an online store to the blog with a selection of my favorite products I found arround the globe. It became a reference in less than 2 years and in 2012, I opened my first store in Paris and teamed up with my long time partners to create the Natural Hair Academy, the first beauty event dedicated to the beauty of natural hair that gathered 3500 people in 2016.


    My mission was to empower the women of my community to get the keys to their beauty and be the woman they wanted to be.


  • NHA 2014